Offer of FlyFilm-Studio

FlyFilm-Studio offers a complex production of commercial video's and photos from various market segment's.

We already worked for Industrial purpose's, advertisement agencies,  holiday resorts, hotels and also for city counsel and community. The main goal for the company is making one of a kind, stunning and dynamic shot's from new aerial perspective. We believe that drone are capable of doing much more than just taking shots from above. In present times, drone industry is at it's peak that is the reason why there is so much companies on the market today that are offering fast and cheap aerial solutions mainly based on small, cheap and easy to buy equipment. This companies are born from pursuit after easy money and mostly are based on no knowledge about film making, and the technology that they are using. This combined with poor experience, creates cheap and low quality content and some times even dangerous situations by inexperienced pilots. Our offer is based on 5 year's of work with RC system's, drone technology  and video industry. Studies at TV and Cinema production university in Warsaw helped us to enlarge our knowledge about professional film making techniques and industry. 

We offer commercial aerial video production and photo sessions of all kind's of objects, places, exhibition's, cultural and sport events.

Photographs we are providing are made in uncompressed RAW format for future development as well in standard JPG format.  We are creating our offer individually for each task to achieve the best [possible result. We are able to reach places and views that are beyond reach in any other way, that give us a unique possibility to catch sunning shots in just a couple of minutes.  We use FPV technology to allow pilot and operator and sometimes also a client to see image from above in real time. Thanks to gyroscopic stabilization image is smooth and steady during the flight. The camera head is remotely controlled by operator in every axis. Camera trigger is also controlled by the operator and thanks to hat the operator can precisely choose a frame. 

Basic photo session contain an octocopter with Panasonic lumix GH4 camera

and a pilot. 
Duration of one flight is maximum 10 min. There is no limitation of photos during the flight.
Photos are provided in 16 Mpx JPG or uncompressed RAW format. 

Basic video session contain an octocopter with Panasonic lumix GH4, drone pilot and a camera operator. There are various video formats, record speed's and video style's including latest V-LOG to choose from.

Video formats: 
MOV or MP4

UHD/4K -25fps 
Cinema 4K 24fps
1080p HD -50fps
1080p HD - 96fps

And many others...

FlyFilm-Studio provide invoice billing and accepts PayPal payment method.

Travels to distances above 30km from Szczecin are priced 0.25 EUR/km