Our work and experience

The company started work in early 2014. The idea was born from passion to flight and cinematography.

Before market was flooded by multicopters, we began making aerial videos by using old fashion RC single rotor helicopters.  First films we made as early as 2012 since then the technology expand rapidly allowing new possibilities. Today we try to exceed client's expectations offering highest quality service for a reasonable price. FlyFilm-Studio is one of the first to have European UAVO certificate, authorized by ULC or polish FAA., which is necessary for making commercial content using an aerial drone platform. 
Every filmmaker knows that it is not the equipment that is making the content. It is skill, imagination and experience that matters mostly.

That's why our service is based on knowledge and experience

gain thru studding at Łazarski university in Warsaw at "TV and Cinema production" degree course. We are continuously improve our skill's for instance by cooperating with other large companies working in video-photo industry. 

For this few years on the market we established cooperation with many other companies, and we participated in some big local and international projects. Effects of our work can be seen in many presentations, websites, commercials and also TV series. We fly our drones in very difficult conditions and some crazy other circumstances. Like flying in a cargo bay of a transport ship, around the trees chasing military vehicle. We even had a chance to fly our drone inside the biggest shipbuilding hall in the world where the worlds biggest luxury cruise ships are created. Thanks to this experiences we are not afraid of flying inside even small closed areas. We also have the experience of taking of and land on a fast moving navy ship, we gain it while filming the ship for a ATM group which is the biggest film making group in Poland.

We are partners with few big film making companies, like
TimeLine - Which makes media content for biggest polish and international companies. And also big budget TV commercials.
ComCam -Which makes photo/video content specially for Polish army and other NATO. countries. Creates video for various military use, from commercial content to weapon test evaluation.

Thanks to this kind of cooperation we are able to get access to fly in restricted areas and create content that is out of reach for other companies on the market.

Each drone we are using is made completely by our company. That's because they need to fulfill specific tasks and be able to work in harsh environment, lift a verity of specific cameras and be able to fly in restricted areas. Thanks to that we know our equipment very well which means that in case of emergency we are able to quickly verify, find and remove any malfunctions. That helps to decrease our client's level of stress and doesn't slow down the creation process.