Aerial drone film's and complex video production

Highest quality aerial drone videos in 4K

FlyFilm-Studio is specialized in dynamic aerial videos.

We relay on high quality professional Drone and experience in videography and in the drone technology, gained thru many flight hours and participation in video productions.

We are making stunning aerial images that will make every video production much more attractive and intense

. We are also offer our service as a sub contractors to other companies in their projects.

FlyFilm-Studio Offers variety in use of a drone technology, for all kind of a video

production, commercial's , promotion and documentary videos, sports and social events. Using both, ground and aerial solutions, to achieve the best results in final product.

We can shoot videos in a many formats, cinema 4K, video UHD and Full HD

all that with a variety of settings, and record speeds. All that to match the highest standards in video production. 

Beside film making

FlyFilm-Studio also provide aerial solutions for photographers and other client's that require high quality

aerial images. It is the best way to show for example the size of your company, it's location or to just make a nice overall picture and put it on the website.

We also provide support in industrial use of a drone, for example inspection's that are too high

or too dangerous for human's. We use high end camera with interchangeable lenses to achieve best results.

Our lenses are free from a fish-eye distortion known from a GoPro camera's.

Łabiszyń 2017 Trailer #2
Łabiszyn 2017 Trailer #1
BBA Transport
Chick Hatchery
Champion Door - Papenburg Germany
Making of "Lawina" Music video clip
Mountain Warrior 2016
Army training tank Leopard 2 A4
Hel Spot event commercial
PIONA - Lawina feat. Ptakova Videoclip
NATO Swift Response
NATO Briliant Jump
General Anders - WWII Historial staging
Painpol - Industrial floors
Nawitel - Horizontal Directional Drilling
Drift Open 2015 MotoPark Koszalin
Hermes - Sanding Materials
Gmina dziwnów
Euro innowacje E- Urzędy
Bilfinger MARS Offshore
Borne Sulinowo 2015 Military exhibition
E- Urzędy
Champion Door - Large folding shipyard doors
Military history of WWII Staging - 2015
Go Carts - MotoPark Koszalin
Powiat Wągrowiecki